Dental bridges are an excellent solution for patients who have multiple missing teeth. As a fixed restoration, dental bridges are held in place by dental crowns or dental implants. They are designed to look and function like the real thing and are custom tailored to fit seamlessly in your mouth.

Dental bridges are usually created from porcelain and can be color matched to your smile. Additionally, because dental bridges are a permanent oral appliance, you can expect the restoration to last for many years to come.

Dental bridges can be used to:

  • Fill the gaps left by missing teeth
  • Correct your bite
  • Improve the fullness of your facial appearance
  • Restore your ability to chew and speak

Receiving a dental bridge usually requires two dental visits to complete the procedure. During the first visit, Dr. Zia Rizvi will scan and take impressions of your mouth to create a model for your new bridge, as well as discussing any concerns you may have about the treatment. The second treatment will involve the fitting of your new oral appliance and adjusting it for maximum comfort and functionality.

If you are interested in receiving a dental bridge in Ashburn, Virginia, please call Ashburn Dental Care at 703-858-1904 and schedule a consultation with our dentist.