It may be unfortunate, but a bad tooth sometimes has to go. That is why our dentist and team provide tooth extractions in Ashburn, Virginia.

Why Tooth Extractions?

When a tooth cannot be repaired by traditional means, such as a dental filling or dental crown, or has experienced extensive damage due to periodontal disease, Dr. Zia Rizvi may recommend removing the tooth entirely.

At this stage, removing the tooth has more benefits to your oral health than keeping it. The tooth may be cracked or decayed down to the root, allowing harmful bacteria to access your root pulp, causing infection, inflammation and severe toothaches.

If the tooth is broken into multiple parts, the bone may move around in your gum tissue, misaligning your other teeth and being an irritant in your mouth.

What To Expect

Tooth removal is the last resort, and as such, our dentist and team will do everything we can to restore it. However, if tooth removal is necessary, Dr. Rizvi will discuss tooth replacement options with you before the procedure so you can get the most out of your smile.

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