Playing sports can be tough. Luckily, Dr. Zia Rizvi has a tough solution with our sports mouth guards!

Sports mouth guards, also known as athletic mouth guards, are a type of removable oral appliance that is used to cushion the soft tissues of your mouth and protect your teeth during high-impact play. Because they are a mouth guard, each appliance is custom made for your mouth, and this design trait is what makes them perfect for preventing injury.

Sports mouth guards can and should be used for children, teens and adults who play sports like football, hockey, rugby and wrestling. Other sports, such as baseball, basketball or soccer, may also benefit from a fitted mouth guard. Feel free to ask our dentist if a mouth guard is necessary for your chosen sport.

Mouth guards can prevent injuries such as:

  • Knocked-out or chipped teeth
  • Cut cheeks
  • Split lips
  • Bitten tongue

If you or your child is starting a new sport this upcoming season, please consider a sports mouth guard in Ashburn, Virginia. Our dentist and team at Ashburn Dental Care are happy to discuss your mouth guard options with you to ensure your smile remains healthy and happy. Contact our dental office at 703-858-1904 today and schedule and appointment with our team.