Dr. Zia Rizvi is honored to present our exceptional dental team! Friendly and helpful, our team helps create a practice where compassionate and empathetic dental care is valued. We are always willing to lend an ear to our patients and have team members who speak English, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Urdu and Spanish. Give Ashburn Dental Care a call today at 703-858-1904 to learn more about our team and dentist and dental care in Ashburn, Virginia.

Dentist in Ashburn, VA


Office Manager / Dental Assistant

Aruna joined Ashburn Dental Care on February 14, 2020. She attended Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, where she majored in finance and received her Master of Business Administration (MBA). She later attended Northern Virginia Community College and was certified in dental radiation safety on September 24, 2022. Aruna is thrilled to be part of a very caring profession and believes that the relationships built with different people of all ages are the best part of it. She is proud to say that she loves working with the Ashburn Dental Care team because we treat each other like family. Aruna is passionate about getting to know about all of our patients and making sure they receive quality service and attention from our front office.

As our office manager, Aruna oversees all financial aspects of the practice, including insurance claims. She likes helping our patients understand the financial aspect of their treatment and dental insurance benefits. Aruna’s priority is to ensure that all our patients have a wonderful experience and all their dental needs are met.

Aruna herself has been a patient of Dr. Rizvi since 2015. She and her family love going to Dr. Rizvi and feel very comfortable at Ashburn Dental Care. Aruna is local to Ashburn and lives with her husband and two children. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with family and friends.

Dental team in Ashburn, VA

Shahd Sayed

Dental Assistant

Shahd Sayed is currently a student at George Mason University studying Neuroscience. As a skilled dental assistant certified in dental radiation safety and actively pursuing a pre-dental track, she exemplifies a commitment to excellence in oral healthcare. She has a dedication to advancing her education toward a career in dentistry, improving patient outcomes and promoting oral health. Shahd is excited to work in a field that offers a unique opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with each patient, fostering trust and collaboration in their oral healthcare journey.

Shahd lives with her parents and two sisters and in her free time loves to read, hang out with friends, watch tv shows, and travel.


Dental Assistant

Meet Maryam Rafie, our dedicated dental assistant at Ashburn Dental Care, who brought her enthusiasm and passion for patient care to our practice in January 2024. Currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at George Mason University, Maryam is a driven and motivated individual committed to both her academic and professional endeavors.

Beyond her studies and dental assistant responsibilities, Maryam leads an active lifestyle filled with diverse interests. A skilled practitioner of Taekwondo, she embodies discipline and determination, traits that seamlessly translate into her work ethic. When she’s not perfecting her kicks, Maryam enjoys the camaraderie of team sports like volleyball and basketball, fostering a spirit of teamwork and collaboration essential in any healthcare setting.

Maryam’s compassionate nature extends beyond the dental office as she actively engages in volunteer work, contributing her time and energy to various community initiatives. Additionally, her passion for education shines through in her role as a substitute teacher, where she shares her knowledge and inspires young minds to reach their full potential.