Are you struggling with a toothache and nothing you do seems to lessen the discomfort? You may need root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment used to treat damaged or infected root tissue in the affected tooth. Contrary to popular belief, this treatment is not painful or invasive and is designed to relieve discomfort, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

What To Expect

During the procedure, the area will be numbed, and depending on your needs, you will be offered a mild sedative to keep you relaxed, but aware, during treatment. Our dentist will then sanitize the area, drill into the tooth to access the root pulp and remove the infected tissue. Once done, a medicated solution will be added to heal the tooth, and then, the tooth will be capped with a filling or crown to seal it from further damage.

Dr. Zia Rizvi will schedule consecutive dental visits with you to ensure your recovery and monitor for any dental changes. We invite you to ask our team questions while at your appointment with us so you understand what to expect during each phase of treatment.

If you think you may need root canal therapy in Ashburn, Virginia, please call Ashburn Dental Care at 703-858-1904 and schedule a consultation.