Emergency Dental Care, Tooth Extractions, & More

When you come to our dental office, you will normally be scheduled for one of our general dentistry treatments. These treatments are designed to improve and maintain your oral health.

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The goal of all general dentistry treatments is to help patients achieve excellent, lifelong oral health. We recommend coming in for a check-up every six months so our dentist can examine your mouth and monitor any dental changes. These appointments, as well as your normal hygiene routine, help keep your teeth healthy and prevent more serious dental issues from occurring. They also allow Dr. Zia Rizvi to catch small problems before they become more extensive.

We encourage patients to take the opportunity during these visits to ask us questions, either about their oral health or the treatments we offer. If you need more intensive treatment, these appointments serve as a benchmark to help ensure any restorative treatment done maintains its effectiveness and integrity.

If you would like to schedule a dental appointment with us, please call Ashburn Dental Care at 703-858-1904 to learn more about our treatments for general dentistry in Ashburn, Virginia. We look forward to meeting you and helping you keep your smile healthy and happy!