In-House Dental Membership Plan in Ashburn VA

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In-House Dental Membership Plan in Ashburn VA

Good oral hygiene is an important part of overall health. Too often, people put off dental cleanings and exams, which can lead to more painful and expensive problems down the road. This is especially true for the millions of Americans who don’t have dental insurance.

At Ashburn Dental Care, we don’t believe that getting dental care should hinge on having insurance. That’s why we offer a comprehensive dental care plan for patients without insurance. It aims to provide essential dental services for an affordable price.

Dental Care for Patients Without Insurance

Experts estimate that, at times, up to half the U.S. population does not have dental insurance. This can make it harder for them to afford regular cleanings to keep their teeth bright, strong, and cavity-free.

Regular dental checkups help keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean. They also give your dentist the opportunity to perform an exam and take X-rays to catch small issues before they can turn into serious dental problems. Early intervention often prevents the need for more costly and invasive dental procedures, such as root canals or full tooth extractions.

Semi-annual cleanings will also reduce your chances of tooth decay and combat gingivitis, a common gum disease that can lead to a reduction in jawbone density.

Good oral health can even impact the rest of your body in ways that may not be obvious. For example, good gum health has been linked to better cardiovascular health.

In-House Membership Program Services

Our membership program for patients without insurance includes the following services each year:

  • Two dental exams
  • Two cleanings
  • One bitewing X-ray
  • One fluoride treatment


The exams and cleanings are performed together in appointments scheduled six months apart.

We use fluoride during cleanings, a naturally occurring mineral found in teeth and bones. It strengthens teeth and helps prevent plaque build-up.

Some people naturally have weak enamel. Others like children and heavy coffee drinkers are also at higher risk of tooth decay. All these groups benefit from topical fluoride treatments.

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At Ashburn Dental Care, we provide comprehensive dental services in Ashburn, VA. In addition to routine cleanings and exams, you can count on us for emergency dental treatment and help with all manner of dental issues, such as periodontitis and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.

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